Episode 19: Pain, Comfort and a little bit of Creativity

Episode 19: Pain, Comfort and a little bit of Creativity

I need to make an apology.

Until recently i’ve been quite preachy. I’ve imposed my comfort zones onto others, saying and thinking stupid things like, “if you miss a workout or eat something “bad”, it’s because YOU DIDN’T WANT IT BAD ENOUGH”.

But that’s because my life is set up to facilitate fitness, and having food as a top 3 priority. It’s easy for me.

Some people have children. Some people have disabled children. Some people have very demanding careers. Some people just don’t give a shit about that last 1% of body fat.

What’s easy and difficult for me is very different to what’s easy or difficult for you.

Fitness professionals, myself included, need to acknowledge exactly that. Growth doesn’t occur for you in, or out of, someone else’s comfort zone.

If you truly want to extend yourself, stop kidding yourself that what’s easy for you (5×5 deadlifts in your garage) is going to make you better at anything else just because it’s hard for someone else to devote themselves to the training.

And stop kidding yourself that what’s hard for you is unnecessary because, believe me, making sacrifices you would find impossible is easy as pie for other people.

Today’s episode of the Peanut Butter Podcast, “Pain, Comfort, and a little bit of Creativity” is out, and on fire.

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