Episode 20: The 100 Year Challenge

Episode 20: The 100 Year Challenge

LOSE 5 KILOS IN 5 DAYS!!! Now I have your attention, wouldn’t it be amazing if that fairy tale was actually true?

Everywhere we look we see pills, potions and promises. Transformations, challenges and blitzes fill our feeds on instagram. They all promise the world if you “just do a”. Or b. Or c. And only for a few days!

Boy, wouldn’t that be amazing if it were true? But it’s not true. It’s nonsense. Which is why I’m introducing the 100 year challenge.

The 100 year challenge fills the gap between your latest 30 day challenge and your inevitable death: lonely, single, and fat.

The 100 year challenge is about living well. Eating well. Loving large. Living with passion and enthusiasm. EVERY DAY. Not just beating yourself one miserable monthly challenge at a time.

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