There's a cost to doing things wrong.

Project Row and Project Ski were created with the idea that performance is secondary to enjoying the movement of rowing, and that performance actually follows enjoyment.

"Where you thought you were working to the limits of your ability, it's really just the start. Jane has a way of showing you how true that is."
Joe cebula
crossfit twincities

Project Row & Project Ski

Through my work in gyms all over the world, I recognised that there were a lot of everyday athletes out there who would simply never say good things about the rower and skierg. They dreaded any workout that involved either machine, and would actively avoid them.

All the negativity was born out of frustration. Through Project Row and Ski I’ve been able to unlock all the benefits of rowing and skiing – general fitness, body composition and yes, performance, too – all by the very simple act of enabling people to enjoy using the ergs by teaching them the correct technique.

Tia Clair-toomey
& james newbury

I am SO happy that I got the chance to coach these two incredible athletes on the Concept2 Skierg up at Tia-Clair’s homebase in Gladstone.

What you do every day...

…is what you do. EVERY DAY.

Project Row and Ski are about fun. They’re about teaching your members what it feels like to move correctly, and that through effort they can improve. They walk away from the workshop excited about their training and proud of their capacity to learn and improve.

I am a big believer in the transferability of fitness and strength to everyday life, and as a result, the underlying intention of all that I teach is to show people what they are actually capable of.